Welcome Home


Or, as “we” say in the Southern states, “Hey, y’all!”

I’m so glad you’ve come by! It tells me that you, like me, are a person who’s interested in getting as much living out of life as I possibly can!

Too young to feel this darn old

Personally, I’ve been noticing in the last little while, that I don’t really “feel” much like a young woman any more. All those accidents, less-than-stellar choices, and times that life showed up (in a bad way) over the years are adding up to feeling kind of beat up, a lot of days!

Those things can make it seem almost impossible to reach the goals I’ve made for myself and my family. Things like:

Health issues

Financial mismanagement

Mental illness

Unstable employment

Caring for family…

And you may have some events of your own to add to my list.


Don’t you just love a big BUT?

Somehow I got introduced to some ideas that are changing my life, and the lives of my Tribe.

1. Traditional medicine, while perhaps not inherently bad, does not have all the answers.

2. I am able to change the position of my sails to create a more satisfying life, as I catch the wind and head into the glorious sunset.

3. God truly wants the best for me, and the only one holding me back….has been ME.

So, grab a chair, get a cup of coffee (or tea, or…), and join me in this unfolding adventure!

The best is yet to come!